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Building a project management tool
Sometimes you get an idea in your head that you just cannot let go. This happened to me in the spring of 2020 while I was playing a game on the phone with my family and now the first prototype is live.
Design (Project management, Design, Application development) 09 Nov 2020
Who do you trust?
In one of our weekly videos, we got a question from Mike regarding trust. Specifically, how clients could measure trustworthiness in a business.
Marketing (trust, trustworthiness, measure) 03 Nov 2020
Dad, what if I sell at the lowest price?
This was an idea that popped into my 10-year-old sons’ head. "If I have the lowest price then everybody would want to buy from me". Here is the answer he got.
Marketing (price, marketing, education) 23 Oct 2020
Spelling exercise
Do not make your kids wait for you to have time to read the words they have to learn how to spell. Record them and let them try as many times as they need to get it right, while you focus on making dinner.
Other (Spelling, Homework, Exercise) 07 Oct 2020
Select dependant on other select
It is not the first time I need to make a select box dependant on what was selected in another box and certainly not the last. So, I'd better document it in my blog for easy access.
Other (select, javascript, components) 01 Oct 2020
Multiplication exercise
My son got homework. He should spend 10 minutes a day training on multiplications. Being a good father, I wrote a script that could help him out.
Other (multiplication, javascript, homework) 24 Sep 2020
Inhabition hackathon in Helsingborg
Sometimes you end up in strange places. As part of a group of strangers we got 48 hours to create a product that should help people over 70 be more social and keen on using the internet. Read more to see how it went.
Marketing (elderly, social, innovation, hackathon, helsingborg) 13 Jun 2020
Why I avoid frameworks
Over the years I have seen many frameworks for building advanced applications on the web. None of them got me hooked. Let me tell you why.
DataFlex (JavaScript, DataFlex, Frameworks) 08 May 2020
Open the box and ASK
Many questions pop into our head during a day. But how many of them do you really try to get the answer to?
Design (questions) 26 Feb 2020
Start with why?
What does Simon Sinek mean when he says start with why? What why is he referring to? In this post you'll get my thoughs on the topic.
Marketing (why, marketing) 13 Feb 2020
Visual warehouse interface using SVG
Do you a warehouse? Do you know where to go to get the things you need. Visual cues can make it easier to optimize your route when you pick.
Design (Warehouse, Interface, Pick) 08 Nov 2019
Marketing from scratch
Your wallet is empty, but you got the greatest idea the world has ever seen. How do you make that a thriving business?
Marketing (Marketing, Growth) 07 Oct 2019
Is your priority list broken?
Do you forget things you should have done? are there too many things on your desk? Do you have a hard time structuring your time? Then you might need to get your things on to a list...
Marketing (priority, todo, focus) 30 Sep 2019
Picking goal and KPI
Do you run a project or a business? Do you have problem reaching your goals? Maybe you are using the wrong KPI.
Marketing (kpi, goal, growth) 25 Sep 2019
How to be creative
I got a question about innovation and that brought back two friends from the 80's...
Design (Creative, innovation) 19 Sep 2019
Are you targeting the wrong market?
Are you getting requests from the kind of clients you are aiming for? If not, then you might be shooting at the wrong target...
Marketing (marketing, audiens, target) 25 Aug 2019
Swish Merchant payment setup
I have integrated my website to the Swish payment API. And since it was not that easy I wanted to document what worked for me, so that you also can benefit from it.
PHP Framework (Swish, Payment) 03 Feb 2019
Starting WAMP on Windows 10
Starting WAMP on Windows has become a hassle, here is how I have solved it.
Other (WAMP php server windows) 08 Nov 2018
Adding Google maps to your application
If you want to embed google maps in your DataFlex application, her is all you need.
DataFlex (DataFlex, Google Maps, Integration, JavaScript) 16 Oct 2018
Logo for health care centre
Two logos for two centres, similar but different. Read the post and see the result.
Design (Logo, Design, Health Care) 06 Oct 2018
Lessons from building a spam filter
Can you use machine learning to spot angry customers before they leave or start a fire you cannot control? Johan spent some time this summer trying to figure that out and in this presentation, he share some of the obstacles he ran into in the process.
Machine Learning (Classification, spam filter, RNN) 15 Sep 2018
Nordaxon logo project
This is the process I went through designing the logo for NordAxon.
Design (logo, design) 21 May 2018
Chilkat RSS reader using ActiveX
DataFlex is an easy to use framework for building database applications, in this post I describe how you can use an ActiveX component and add that into the studio. So that you can use it in your applications.
DataFlex (DataFlex, ChilKat, RSS, ActiveX) 22 Nov 2017
The sacred idea
Do you have an idea that will change the world? Then do something with that idea today.
Other (idea) 03 Oct 2017
Barrel AI logo design
When we started the group we needed a logo. Here is the process in which it came to be.
Design (Logo design) 18 Sep 2017
Rock, Scissor, Paper neural net
Seeing my kids playing this game gave me the idea to create a neural net that does the same. It also shows how you can use a neural net to analyze patterns in time data.
Machine Learning (Rock, Scissor, Paper Neural Net) 08 Jun 2017
MySQL to DB2
I was asked to migrate an application from MySQL to DB2 and here are the problems I had to overcome to complete the project. When I started out I thought that SQL is SQL and that there might be some issues with handling of the date format. But there was more...
PHP Framework (MySQL IBM DB2 Database Migration) 04 Feb 2017
Development phases of a software developer
I've been writing code for over 20 years and along the way I have experienced that I learned something that brought me to a higher level as a developer. Here are some of those moments. Do you recognize yourself. Perhaps this can help you speed up the development of your own skills.
Other (Learn Develop Excel) 14 Jan 2017
Work with external js libraries in DataFlex
This post shows you how to integrate dataflex with an external javascript library. In this sample I have used the google Charts library. But the technique can be used for all javascript librarys you can find.
DataFlex (DataFlex javascript library integration) 21 Oct 2016
Build a Conference App part 3
To create the final touch of our Conference App in DataFlex we will manage user rights, update layout and captions and finally set some color to our project.
DataFlex (DataFlex Conference App Mobile Styling) 14 Oct 2016
Build a Conference App part 2
In this post we are going to continue the process of building a Conference App in DataFlex. I'll go through some of the coding needed in order to create a better experience of using the app.
DataFlex (DataFlex Conference App Mobile Coding) 30 Sep 2016
Build a Conference App part 1
I got the task of building a conference app, follow me in the process and learn how to build apps using DataFlex.
DataFlex (DataFlex Conference App Mobile) 21 Sep 2016
WS with Basic Auth and REST
I spent an entire day trying to figure out how to do a web service with Basic Authentication in php. Her is the solution.
PHP Framework (PHP WebService REST Basic Authentication JSON) 18 Aug 2016
Same size buttons
For a long time I had buttons in my HTML that looked different. Now I finally found a way to make them look alike.
PHP Framework (HTML, button, style) 09 Aug 2016
A book to be, about business
Help me in the process of writing a book about how to succeed in business and get a preview at one of the chapters.
Other (Business Success Book) 29 Jul 2016
Why I love excel
Excel has it's benefits for novice computer users, because it is easy to get an overview over the data and you can quickly create formulas that can run a large amount of calculations for you in one instant. But that is not the real reason why I love excel...
Other (Excel business system) 21 Jul 2016
Design a logo
I got the task of creating a logo for our ticket system, and I want to show you the process I went through in order to get a real cool logo.
Design (Design, Logo) 09 Jun 2016
Learn lowercase letters
A couple of days ago my 6 year old son asked me if I could teach him the lowercase alphabet...
Other (Learn, Kids, Alphabet, JavaScript) 05 May 2016
Obstetric pain timer
What do you do when your lady is in labour? I started coding.
Other (javascript, jQuery, Edge, toLocaleTimeString) 28 Apr 2016
Order header detail view
Let's create a header detail view for an order. This is a very common setup that will be useful in many situations.
DataFlex (DataFlex, Header Detail View) 31 Mar 2016
Noughts and crosses neural net version
Finally I realise my 15 year old goal, only to to see that it was probably not the best solution to the problem... Meet noughts and crosses, the neural net version.
Machine Learning (AI, javascript, game) 24 Mar 2016
Auto increment and look up
The way you can create look ups in DataFlex is a real time saver. Do it once and it works in your entire application.
DataFlex (DataFlex, Auto Increment, Look Up) 17 Mar 2016
Offline Web Application
Build an offline web application and run on all platforms without going native. Here are the basics you need to know.
Other (Mobile, Application Cache, IndexedDB) 10 Mar 2016
First view
Now it is time to create our first web view, from here you can add, edit and delete posts in your database.
DataFlex (DataFlex, Simple View) 03 Mar 2016
Beat my noughts and crosses game
Are you smarter then a computer? I started out early trying to learn how to build a smart program but this time I settled for some clever logic. See if you can outsmart my script ;)
Machine Learning (JavaScript, Game) 27 Feb 2016
Logs as a testing tool
I use logs to survey, test and even log what is going on in my applications. Let me explain.
PHP Framework (Framework, PHP, Log, Test) 19 Feb 2016
Unit testing the web
Is unit testing really necessary? Do I need to test and are there other options?
PHP Framework (Unit test) 11 Feb 2016
Neural net in JavaScript
Learn about neural nets using JavaScript? Let's play around and see what happens when you tweak the code.
Machine Learning (Neural net, AI, JavaScript) 02 Feb 2016
Set up a workspace in DataFlex
The first thing you need to do when building an application in DataFlex is to create a workspace. Here's how.
DataFlex (DataFlex, Workspace) 27 Jan 2016
JavaScript date picker from scratch
In an attempt to learn more about how to write good code in javascript, I have written a small date picker. Learn with me and see how I did it.
PHP Framework (Framework, JavaScript, DatePicker) 21 Jan 2016
Installing DataFlex
Since I'm going to write some posts about DataFlex as well, in order to show you how to build applications using this framework. We'll start by installing the studio.
DataFlex (DataFlex, Install) 14 Jan 2016
Modifying the list and edit forms
Great, the list and edit forms are generated automatically and we do not need to write a single line of code. But what if the default configuration is not what we want. Here is how we do it.
PHP Framework (Framework, PHP, Modifying) 08 Jan 2016
Better tools, better code
Even though I love my php I have been hooked on the sweet taste of DataFlex. So if you are curious of how to build applications easy and fast. With a "What you see is what you get" (WYSIWYG) kind of way, both for windows, web and mobile. Then I recommend you to tag along.
DataFlex (DataFlex, Introduction) 02 Jan 2016
Image and video in posts
I would like to be able to add a top banner or video on my posts. Here is how I implement that.
PHP Framework (Framework, PHP, media) 21 Dec 2015
Administration pages
Now the system have some functions that we do not really have access to via the interface. So let's create an administration menu.
PHP Framework (Framework, PHP, Menu) 17 Dec 2015
Topics to categorize posts
My intention is to not only write about php, I also going to write about javascript, DataFlex and my thoughts on the development of business applications among other things. So I would like the site to support that by providing a set of topics.
PHP Framework (Framework, PHP, Categories) 14 Dec 2015
RSSfeed for the masses
Not all visitor want to submit their mail, but there is another way to receive updates. By RSS-feed. Let's go ahead and build one for our posts.
PHP Framework (Framework, PHP, RSS) 09 Dec 2015
Send mail on new comments
Update users when a new comment has been posted. We have most of the code in place, so let's get this into place as well.
PHP Framework (Framework, PHP, Comments) 06 Dec 2015
SEO friendly urls
Before I put too many links out there I'd like to make my url:s SEO friendly. Here is how I solved it.
PHP Framework (Framework, PHP, url) 01 Dec 2015
Build a mailinglist
Since we now have created a mail class, we might as well use it some more. Here is how I structure a mailinglist that you can opt in to.
PHP Framework (Framework, PHP, Mailinglist) 25 Nov 2015
Send me an email
Have your site inform you when something is going on. Let's implement a mail function.
PHP Framework (Framework, PHP, Mail) 20 Nov 2015
Give your audience a voice
As we begin to prefect the platform and add some content we also would like to give our viewers the option to make a comment. Here is how...
PHP Framework (Framework, PHP, Comments) 15 Nov 2015
Snap menu on top
In this post I'm going to make my menu stick in the top of the window while scrolling down. This is especially useful in mobile browsers.
PHP Framework (Framework, JavaScript, CSS) 07 Nov 2015
Authentication and users
A system without users is not of much use. So let's dive in and create some code to manage users.
PHP Framework (Framework, PHP, User) 02 Nov 2015
Security is important
When building database applications on the web, security is one of the most important topics to consider. In this post I show you how I manage input data before I use it or send it to the database.
PHP Framework (Framework, PHP, Security) 27 Oct 2015
Philosophy of a programmer
Today there is no code. I just wanted to stop and think a little bit about what I am doing and why. So that you could get to know me and my intentions better.
Other (Programming, Developer, Thoughts) 22 Oct 2015
Delete post and Generic Class
We have a list view and an edit form. But what about the delete link. We need to have the delete link to work as well.
PHP Framework (Framework, PHP) 15 Oct 2015
Generating the edit form
Of course, we are also going to generate the code for our generic edit form just as we did with our list.
PHP Framework (Framework, PHP, Generic) 12 Oct 2015
Edit on the fly
Create an edit form that changes layout depending on content in the database.
PHP Framework (Framework, PHP, Generic) 06 Oct 2015
Generating code
Automatically generate code and save to a file on the disc so that you can modify the code later. This speed up the time for development.
PHP Framework (Framework, PHP, Generic) 02 Oct 2015
One list to rule them all
In this post I show how I create a generic list generator that can list rows from any table in the database.
PHP Framework (Framework, PHP, Generic) 28 Sep 2015
List the items
Now when we got some data in our table we would like to display the data in a list. Here is how we do that.
PHP Framework (Framework, PHP, Database) 24 Sep 2015
Fetch a specific post
Now that we have a connection to our database, we would like to fetch a post from a table. Here I show you how it is done the easy way and how to create one function that can do this for any class without having to write all the code again and again. This will save you a ton of time later on.
PHP Framework (Framework, PHP, Generic) 20 Sep 2015
Connect to a database
When managing data it is very useful to work with a database. This is also what we are going to do here to manage out posts.
PHP Framework (Framework, PHP, Database) 20 Sep 2015
How to use classes
Now it is time to implement your first class. It is a simple one with only one function.
PHP Framework (Framework, PHP, Classes) 18 Sep 2015
Adding content
Managing and adding pages to a framework is an important task. To start out easy we are going to keep the content in files. Later we will move the content to the database. Here is how we do it.
PHP Framework (Framework, PHP) 17 Sep 2015
Style your page
This is the basic stylesheet for our draft template. We will extend upon this css as we go along.
PHP Framework (Framework, CSS) 17 Sep 2015
Main_template.php and html
Here is how to create a simple template
PHP Framework (Framework, PHP) 16 Sep 2015
Start at the index
The index.php is where everything starts. So it makes sense to start exploring PHP right here.
PHP Framework (Framework, PHP) 15 Sep 2015
Building your own framework
Do you want to learn to code your own website from scratch using php. Join me in this exploration of how much you can create with just a few lines of code.
PHP Framework (Framework, PHP) 15 Sep 2015
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